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Patti Cleveland's photo Patti Cleveland
Lead singer Patti's vocal experience started in Newport Beach, California, singing in the primary choir at church. She continued singing in choirs throughout her later school years in her home town of Lebanon, Oregon and continued at Oregon State singing in the University Choir where she also sang in a "beautyshop" quartet. Her solo career primarily consisted of church services of one form or another and a community variety show or two. Having recently stumbled into the 40-something crowd, she feels compelled to spread her wings and stretch her vocal abilities to include rock-and-roll lead and backup singing. What fun!

Patti met her husband Kurt in 1995 while they were both working at Hewlett-Packard. After leaving HP in 1999, Patti has been a stay-at-home mom to 3 beautiful girls, Kira, Kayla, and Amelia. When her hands aren't full with them, she does side work as an information engineer and volunteers for the local booster club and kids' activities, and speaks at fundraising events with her family for the Children's Miracle Network, giving back for the miracle of their super-preemie Kayla.

Being part of All Rights Reserved ® gives Patti an opportunity to explore many vocal styles, rhythm percussion instruments, and may even encourage her to pick up the sax again after 20 plus years. She feels privileged to be able to make music with all of these fine musicians and individuals.

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John Collison's photo John Collison
John Collison began playing piano and keyboards professionally before graduating from high school in Kansas, performing in several bands at the same time and honing his craft in a variety of musical styles from Country to Western Swing, Jazz to R&B and Rock. His career has taken him from Los Angeles to Nashville where he toured extensively, playing in almost every state, to Las Vegas and now settling into the beautiful Willamette Valley. While a member of Symplistic Soles, in 2015 John helped push the band to the finals of the Journey to Memphis competition sponsored by the Cascade Blues Association.

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Doug Cox's photo Doug Cox
Guitarist and backup vocalist Doug started his musical journey at the age of 9 when his parents sent him to the local music store for guitar lessons. Alfred's Book of Guitar and "Camptown Races" didn't hold his interest long, and the rental guitar made his fingers bleed. He gave it up after 8 days. With more interesting material to tackle, he revisited the guitar at age 13 and hasn't 'stopped playing since. Doug started his "professional" musical career in the mid-70's and has played in various bands and musical ensembles over the years. Doug's musical tastes run the gamut from rock, blues, and classical to swing and jazz. He enjoys the fun, camaraderie, and audience engagement that comes with being a part of ARR.

By day Doug works at Hewlett-Packard in Corvallis, Oregon. He was born and raised in Napa, CA and has lived all over California, in Colorado, and now calls Oregon home. Doug is married and has two lovely daughters.

Like most guitarists, Doug is seeking the elusive tone that he has yet to find. At the moment, his equipment consists of Fender, Gibson, and Taylor guitars; Fender and Mesa Boogie amps; Mirrorpond and Arrogant Bastard ales; and a host of other contraptions that can spew out noise beyond imagination.

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Brian Egan's photo Brian B. Egan
Bassist and vocalist Brian is the "old man" of the group, but remains agile despite his advanced years. He started playing in the early 60's in his home state of Florida, suffered through a long musical hiatus, and resumed playing in the mid-80's while living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has very ecletic interests and influences ranging from Classical (with Vivaldi a favorite) to [very moderate amounts of] rap and disco, but drops everything to listen to the Moody Blues and Tower of Power.

Brian owns and runs Clarity LLC, a mediation, facilitation, and organization-improvement consulting practice.

Brian plays a fretted 5-string pre-Gibson Tobias Classic, a Pedulla Pentabuzz fretless, a Fender American Standard Jazz V, a Kala U-bass, and an Engelhardt ES-1 upright bass. Amplification consists of a Markbass Little Mark III head and Markbass 102HF and 104HF cabinets, a custom-designed Kroker 1x10 cabinet, and a Raven MDB-1 preamp.

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Tim Riley's photo Tim Riley
Youngest of five brothers, born into a family steeped in theater and church choir, drummer and lead vocalist Tim's earliest serious musical experiences were auditions for singing roles in local productions of musicals such as South Pacific and The Music Man. He spent hours tucked in a corner while his two oldest brothers, a drummer and a Hammond keyboard player, formed a rock&roll band in the 60s.

Tim formed his first band as drummer and lead singer at age 14, with a brother on bass and two local guitar players. They played for several years on raw energy before Tim's oldest brother moved down from the Seattle area and added an influence of 50s and 60s jazz and rock with strong emphasis on 3- and 4-part vocals. Tim was a founding member of The Riley Boys band, playing throughout the 70s all over the Northwest and Northern California until 'disco' and family pressures put bands and 'gigs' on the back burner. Tim spent the 80s playing in church and in intense study of various musical styles in his home studio. He played in local jam sessions and with several bands from the mid-90s until joining All Rights Reserved ®.

A desire for a more sophisticated style of music involving complex vocals and instrumental interaction has made the transition into All Rights Reserved ® a very pleasant experience.

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